Laurie Schneider Adams

The Methodologies of Art

Westview Press, 2010

A clear, accessible survey of the major methodological approaches to interpreting works of art.

Every work of art is an expression of its culture (time and place) and its maker (the artist) and is dependent on its media (what it's made of). The methodologies discussed reflect the multiplicity of meanings in an artistic image. The second edition includes 19 new images, new sections on race, gender, orientalism, and colonialism, and a new epilogue that analyzes Titian's Rape of Lucrezia to illustrate the different methodological viewpoints.

"Effortlessly erudite, determinedly generous, her book provides a lucid introduction to formalism, iconography, Marxism, feminism, psychoanalysis, and structuralism and post-structuralism with new sections on race, gender, Orientalism, and colonialism...." David Carrier, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Institute of Art.

"A teacher's dream...." Art Journal

"Good, clear introduction for students who don't know their Derridas from their derrières." ARLIS News Sheet

First Edition, Korean

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