Laurie Schneider Adams

ART, A Beginner's Guide

OneWorld Publications 2012

A brief introduction to aspects of art in its social context.


1. What is art?
2. A Brief History of Western Art
3. Origins of Art
4. Form and Meaning
5. Purposes of Art
6. The Power of Images: Why Art Creates Controversy
7. Conclusion: The Future of Art
Further Reading

"Clear, genuinely informative, and likely to stimulate discussion. An excellent introductory text on art, its history, and its place in social life." -- Richard Woodfield, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Art History at the Universities of Birmingham and Glasgow.

"In remarkably clear and precise prose, Adams sets the story of art, how it arose, and what its uses are." -- Mary Wiseman, Professor Emerita of Philosophy at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

"... one of the clearest and most practical and engagingly written books on art history and criticism I've ever come across. In fact, it's the Swiss Army Knife ... of art guides. ....In the last paragraph of the book Schneider Adams makes a final plea for open-mindedness and sober reflection -- qualities all too absent in a contemporary society awash with blind prejudice and trashy ephemera;.... Nuff said."
---- William Yeoman, The West Australian

Selected Works

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A one-semester introduction to the history of western art.
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A survey of Italian Renaissance art from the 14th through the 16th century
Two short introductions: one to Italian Renaissance Art and one to Baroque Art
A collection of essays on themes, style,and context in non-western art
Various psychoanalytic methods of interpretation applied to works of art and artists
A brief history of 19th-Century Western art
Art Appreciation
A lavishly illustrated, brief introduction to some of the most important topics in considering works of art
An introduction to works of art and architecture from the point of view of the artist and the viewer.
Art and Culture
An introduction to art in context for the general reader
A new biography of the mother of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Lucrezia Tornabuoni De' Medici
Art and Law
Six famous art trials, from Whistler to Rothko
Based on the cases of Robert Volpe, art crime detective in New York City during the 1970's
Seven essays applying psychoanalysis to the humanities
A two-volume survey of the western humanities, including art, history, religion and myth, literature, philosophy, and science
For Children
How Alice Whipple became the proud owner of a boa constrictor and an esteemed member of the Peaches in the fourth grade

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