Laurie Schneider Adams

Alice and the Boa Constrictor

Published by Houghton, Mifflin 1983. Co-author Allison Coudert.. Illustrations by Emily McCully
"A What?" exclaimed Mr. Whipple. "You studied Eskimos last year and you didn't get an Eskimo."

And so begins the story of how Alice Whipple with the help of her little sister, Beatrice, and their friends, Peter and James, acquired a non-breeding stock pet boa named Sir Lancelot. As a result of her achievement, Alice, formerly relegated to the unpopular group of girls known as Turnips, was admitted to the elite clique in her fourth-grade class -- the Peaches.

Four other books in the series, published by Doubleday, continue the adventures of Alice. They are Alice Whipple Fifth Grade Detective, in which Alice helps the Metropolitan Museum solve an art-related crime, Alice Whipple Shapes up, in which Alice prepares for a soccer match against a rival school, Alice Whipple in Wonderland, in which Alice stars in the school play, and Alice Whipple for President, in which Alice runs for president of her class.

The school attended by Alice and Beatrice, Miss Barton's School for Girls, is located in New York City. The authors also attended such a school and the story of the boa constrictor is based on an account by the second-grade science teacher combined with our own experiences there.

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